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on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

List the year each period began and ended:
Olmec: 1200 BC-400 BC
Preclassic Maya: 2000–1000 b.c.e.
Classic Maya: A.D 250-1500
Postclassic Maya: A.D 900-1500
Describe the colossal heads that were built by the Olmec and why they were built.
Each head ways over 30 tons. There are many different kinds of heads. There are many theory's of why the Olmec was built. One of them is: they represent Olmec rulers.
The Maya did not unite to form a single united empire. Independent city-states or kingdoms
with common cultural ties developed instead. What cultural elements did these city-states share?
They had shared the way the city-states or kingdoms were ruled by the noble. Ex: The position was passed onto the son after the noble died.
By the period of Classic Maya a distinct social system had developed in the numerous Maya
kingdoms. Tell about the social divisions and how these divisions impacted the lives of the Maya
It was important to work with familes because each person has a job. They each rely on eachother to do their part for survival.
Describe the important role that priests played in the Mayan culture. What were some of their
The priests hentemples performed rituals dedicated to the Mayan gods. They beleived that only he could communicate with god. If something went wrong they blamed him.
World Culture Web Quest.
by Jennifer Knight

Describe the social structure that developed in the Olmec civilization and how they depended
on each other.
The civialtion was assisted by local ecology of alluvial soil. They depenened on this because there was lots of water in this soil.
Ruler of classic Maya's
List and describe the achievements of the Maya during the Preclassic and Classic periods

The greatest achievment in the Maya are: art, culture, power and influence
The daily life of families was important to the survival of the culture. Describe this structure and
how families worked together to ensure survival. Why was this necessary?
How are their lifestyle and the roles of men and women similar and different from life in our culture?
Describe the factors that may have led to the decline of the Maya.
Identify four pieces of Ancient Mayan art or architecture. Cut and paste a small image of each
or include a link to the item. Explain why your find each piece interesting.
How do the Maya live today?
Maya today still practice traditional religions, speaking pre-colonial launges and follow acient customs.
I find these images intesting because of the details. Each picture tells a story.
A classic Maya is run by hereditary ruler known as an ajaw later known as k’uhul ajaw.
Culturally the area is divided in these: the northern, central and southern regions.
Mayas today do many things from the past Mayas. There is a mixture of Western European traditions and Mayan.
Maya could have many different causes of the decline. A possibility was that people were trying to survive so that not many people could not do the traditions.
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