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IH SIA Presentation (Eirena, Zhiqin, Katrina, Lingyun)

Teaching middle and high school girls how to create mobile apps using Android App Inventor.

Ling Yun Wong

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of IH SIA Presentation (Eirena, Zhiqin, Katrina, Lingyun)

Problems Faced by Elderly Criteria for Judgment Seeking Work 1st Social Workers' Conference Sufficiency Health Problems Why? + = Retrenchment, especially in elderly Solutions? “You go down New York, Broadway. You will see the beggars, people of the streets. Where are the beggars in Singapore? Show me.” "Poor" in Singapore? Singapore is "Rich"? It's time to stop the ignorance. Recommendations GST What do you think? GDP:
US$239.7 Billion

#8 Most Costly City
to Live In We have poor. This is the Reality. Are the financial measures taken by
the government sufficient and effective
to help the elderly poor in Singapore? Economic Downturn Increase in computer technology production 92.7% of elderly foresee difficulties in seeking work Senior Citizens employed are mostly in blue collar and lower-end white collar jobs. Elderly are unable to seek jobs,
or can only find low-skilled,
poorly paid jobs Low Education Levels Education Levels of Elderly Most elderly only have education levels of below secondary education. The elderly face many health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems and many more. Costly Medical Bills Lack of Income for Elderly The monthly income of elderly (65 & above) from work and all sources is concentrated in the “less than $500” category. Financial Policy: The Public Assistance (PA) Scheme Healthcare Policy: The Medifund Silver Singapore Citizens permanently
unable to work due to old age,
illness or disability & unable to sustain basic needs
financially. PA Monthly Cash Grants Free treatment at polyclinics and
government / restructured hospitals Education assistance of up to $150 per month for PA households with children Rejection Rate: 50%

In 2010, only 397 new household were placed on PA and an average of 354 households exited the scheme. 4 out of 10 of those who exited the scheme were because they had passed away. Singapore Citizens above the age of 65 who are unable to afford hospital expenses even with Medisave and MediShield. Medifund Silver Coverage of medical bills at hospitals However this is only restricted to hospital bills, no medicine fees included Cutoff for per capita household income is more relaxed: $700 rather than $500

Last reported rate of successful applications was 99%. Specific criteria are secret. Accessibility Sustainability Conclusion The above-mentioned two policies are insufficient and ineffective for Singapore's elderly poor. Eirena Beh,
Chua Zhi Qin,
Katrina Hoong,
Wong Ling Yun 409'13 <3
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