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Copy of Flipping Learning on it's Head!

Flipped Classroom Prezi for Staff Development

Cindy Boney

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Flipping Learning on it's Head!

CLASSROOM Teacher Replacement
Only for the tech-savy
A way to cover more material
One size fits all
Assignment driven What it isn't? Organized chaos
Focused on learning, not grades
Constantly evolving
Objective based
Mastery Learning What it should be... 3 Goals
Student-centered learning
Increase rigor
Better utilize time Why the change? What does it look like? your own videos
khan academy
youtube/itunes search
peer instruction
ed.ted.com Where does instruction come from? What students are saying... 4 Flipped Models Implementation Tools for Implementation Speed Bumps More meaningful class time
Our middle kids
Every student, every day
Students taking responsibility for their learning Celebrations dmsflippedmath.com
twitter #flipclass Want more? Why we flipped our classroom? Step 1: Classroom Exploration
Step 2: Homework Explanation (the flip)
Step 3: Classroom Application

Goal: Create an inquiry cycle where students construct knowledge, while also off-loading any necessary direct instruction to the homework setting. 1: Traditional Flip Step 1: Homework Explanation (the flip)
Step 2: Classroom Application

Goal: Off-load instruction to the homework setting, thus opening up class time for student-centered activities, inquiry and critical thinking. 2: Explore - Flip - Apply Step 1: Homework Instruction (the flip)
Step 2: Classroom Application

Goal: Students work towards mastery using robust criterion-based assessments. Instruction is asynchronous, and students self-pace and revisit lectures as needed. 3: Pre-Training Flip Step 1: Homework Pre-Training (the flip)
Step 2: Classroom Instruction

Goal: Via short (<5 min) topic introductions for homework, long-term memory schema is constructed and intrinsic cognitive load is managed. 4: Mastery Flip Production (camera & computer)
Sharing (website, youtube, etc.)
Tracking/Accountability (printed notes, google forms, etc.) Trista Hennebry
@HennebryDMS Kimberly Howard
@MrsHowardMath #flipclass chat on twitter every
Monday at 7pm CST

Flipped Class Conference (Chicago)
June 19-20, 2012
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