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Why did the 1980 election mark a turning point in U.S. History.

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Dalton Minovich

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Why did the 1980 election mark a turning point in U.S. History.

Why did the 1980 election mark
a turing point in U.S. History? The canidates for the 1980 election were-
Democrat- Jimmy Carter
Republican- Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan Iran Hostage Crisis
In January 1979 revolution broke out in Iran, led by muslim fundamentalists.
Shah fled Iran.
in October oiut of concern for Shahs health Carter let him enter the states for medical treatment. this made the Iranians furious.
on November 4, 1979 followers of the Khomeini invaded the American Embassy in Tehran.
there were 52 Americans taken hostage
for 444 days the Americans were held hostage, they were all blind-folded and moved from place to place, some were also tied and beaten.
In Apirl 1980 carter tried to send a rescue mission but it ended in disaster, several helicopters broke down and two aircraft collided and killed 8 soldiers. The Iranians that were holding the Americans hostage would not release them until President Carter wasnt president anymore. Once Reagan was sworn in the American hostages were released. The election was a huge thing for Reagan he was excited to become president and he thought he would do well. Despite Carters achievement in the Middle East his commitment to serious goals was very poor. The American people lost confidence in Carters administration. Rising inflation in early 1980 dropped Carters approval rating to 21% in public opinion polls.
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