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VBS Reimagined

No description

Allison Benfield

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of VBS Reimagined

What can VBS look like after it's reimagined?
Let's take a look at St. John's/St. Martin's VBS 2016: The Adventures of Moses
Other Stations
For the hour they are not in their apprenticeships, children go to two other stations. For 2015, we used Recreation and Hebrew School. For 2016 (Jesus' Parables) it will be Recreation and Missions. We've also done Hall of Saints and Greek School.
So how does the schedule work?
Elementary Schedule
9-9:25 Opening
9:30-10:30 Art Guild Block A (1/2 of the guilds)
9:30-10 Session 1
10-10:30 Session 2
10:30-10:45 Snack and Bathroom
10:45-11:45 Art Guild Block B (other 1/2 of the guilds)
10:45-11:15 Session 1
11:15-11:45 Session 2
11:50-Noon Closing
Ages 4-Rising 1st Graders
They have a separate experience. Their day is focused more on stories and play. They divide their time between Storytelling and Centers and Craft/Snack/Recreation.
VBS Reimagined
Rev. Allison Benfield
St. John's Baptist

Art Guilds
Children who are rising 2nd-6th graders get to pick an Art Guild.
Choices were: Puppetry, Drama, Textile Arts, Music, Sculpture, and Painting
They spend 1 hour each day in their Art Guild working on a big project for the week. They share their project with everyone at the end of the week.
The children worked on a puppet show about the Hebrew people crossing the Red Sea
They worked on a play about Moses, Pharaoh, and the Plagues.
Textile Arts
They created wall hangings telling the story of Moses in the Basket.
They worked on learning to read, play, and sing rhythms. They also learned "Go Down, Moses."
This group made their own playdough and then sculpted scenes from the different stories we learned.
They learned painting techniques and worked on a mosaic painting about Moses and the Burning Bush.
We play games. The games may or may not be related to the stories. Our goal here is to get some energy out and move around.
Hebrew School/Greek School
Children get to learn a little bit about the ancient language. They learn to write their name and a verse. They also learn a little about the culture of the time.
Hall of Saints
Children learn about the lives of different saints in church history.
Storytelling and Centers
They review the story for the day and explore the story through play. There are dress up clothes and props so they can act out the story. There are also some different coloring and sensory activities.
Children make a craft related to the story to take home. They enjoy their snack, and they get free recreation time out on the playground.
9-9:25 Opening
9:30-10:35 Craft/Snack/Recreation
10:40-11:45 Storytelling and Centers
11:50-Noon Closing
Things to Remember
Pre-registration is key.
It's a learning process. You'll find better ways of doing things each year.
The children won't miss the decorations and crazy themes.
Your VBS won't look the same way ours does. And it shouldn't!
Be creative!
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