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No description

Daniel Truong

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Consumerism

What's behind the push for more?
By: Jason M. and Daniel T.

We are like slaves and prisoners of consumerism.
We are influenced by what we buy.
People need to recognize their true values.
Causes of Consumerism
Exposure to constant advertisement.
Passive comparison with others.
Many Sales/Promotions
Always noticing the product everywhere, and seeing people around you own it.
Some people think about what others have, that they don't, and feel the need to buy it too.
Companies will promote their product to the consumers by hosting "amazing" sales, tempting people.
"Every time you spend
money, you're casting
a vote for the kind of
world you want."
-Anna Lappe
How to prevent consumerism

"Consumerism consumes us!"
Realizing how hard it is to earn money
Don't be easily moved by grandiose advertisements
The next line of device probably won't provide much more than the previous
Be grateful for what you own
Have some self-control
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