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Unisa/UMUC Collaboration

No description

Geesje van den Berg

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of Unisa/UMUC Collaboration

Collaboration across the ocean
Academic Capacity Building @Unisa
University of Maryland
University College (UMUC)

UCSP 615
- Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC (0 credits)
OMDE 601
- Foundations of Distance Education and E-Learning (12 credits)
OMDE 603
- Technology in Distance Education and E-Learning (12 credits)
DETC 620
- Training and Learning in Multimedia (12 credits)
DETC 630
- Emerging Technology Trends and Issues in Distance Education and E-Learning (12 credits)
OMDE 608
- Learner Support in Distance Education of Training (12 credits)
OMDE 610
- Teaching and Learning in Online Distance Education (12 credits)
DETT 607
- Instructional Design and Course Development in Distance Education and E-Learning (12 credits)
604 - Management and Leadership in Distance Education and E-Learning
Based on a MOU in 2012
Second Amendment
DHET funded
Purpose: academic capacity building - teaching with technology
Master's Level
Modules (courses) from the UMUC MDE
Feeds into the MEd in ODL
Minimum: three compulsory modules.
UCSP615 + OMDE 601 + 1
The UMUC Certificate in Technology and e-Learning
Admission requirements
No certificate: only an academic record
Five compulsory modules: UCSP 615, OMDE601, OMDE 603, DETC 620 (or alternative), DETC 630
MEd in ODL
Co-offered by Unisa and UMUC
5 Compulsory UMUC modules (48 credits)
2 modules at Unisa (48 credits)
Research Proposal (24 credits)
Mini-dissertation (60 credits)

Certificate (UMUC)
MEd in ODL (Unisa)

How does the Certificate fit into the
Unisa MEd ODL?
Estimated workload

Decision on an option
Registration process
Payments and costs
Application for study assistance


Theory and research in ODL (24 credits)
Curriculum Development for ODL (24 credits)
Technology in ODL (24 credits)
Management in ODL (24 Credits)
Proposal Module (24 credits)
Research on an ODL related topic (60 credits)

(48 credits from UMUC modules)

Estimated workload:

10-15 hours per week

About 4 assignments per module (course)
Groupwork and online participation

Suggested sequence:

UCSP 615 (+OMDE601)
OMDE 603
DETC 620 (or other option)DETC 630
DETC 630

International exposure and qualification
Theory and practice of distance learning
Knowledge and skills in the use of technology in teaching and learning

Different academic culture
Commitment - time...time...time
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