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Children's Book Project

No description

Rebekah Cole

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Children's Book Project

Children's Book Project
Step 2
Project Requirements:
1. Identification of the Book (Title and Author)
2. One to Two Word "Universal Theme" represented in the book.
3. Provide evidence to back your choice of universal theme (this might be a paraphrase of material for the book or a unique quote from the book)
4. What about this book makes it so memorable for you?
5. Two graphics (pictures) related to/from the book.

Step 3
Go to www.prezi.com
Create a FREE Account (the lowest service option gives you
access without charging money)
If you are asked to provide an email address use your Wake
County one.
Make your password the same as the one you use to log on to
a computer at school.

And Finally
Once your account is created, you
need to choose one the eight
"Explain a Topic" template.
Follow the template as you enter your
When done, choose exit, that will save
your work.
On the next screen there will be an
option to "share"
Once you go into "share" and enter my
email address rcole@wcpss.net so
that I receive a link and can score
your work.
ELA 8 8/21/13
Step 1
Identify The Book
You will be creating a Prezi about the universal theme that is at the heart of your favorite book from early childhood.

We will be looking at the different requirements for your presentation Step by Step.
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