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Kirsten L

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Tsunamis

By Kirsten
A Tsunami are fast moving waves caused be earth tremors but can also be cause by other disturbances. And it all starts with the ocean that causes these tsunamis to occur.
What is a Tsunamis?
The Tsunami occurred on the 26 of December 2004. It effected over 14 countries around the world including places that don't usually get affected by Tsunami like Australia and Africa.
The main causes of a Tsunami is by an earthquake or landslides underwater. But it can be also caused by volcanic eruptions and other disturbances too.
There were major effects during and after the Tsunami. Many houses were destroyed which meant over 1.7 Million were homeless. Over 275,000 people we killed across the two continents that were affected. Over 1'000 tourists were killed and most of them were Germans and Sweden's. Also prices went up with supplies like food would of been very expensive to get.
What were the Main Affects In The Tsunami?
This is a photo of what countries it was effected and the causes the Tsunami did.
When did the Boxing Day Tsunami occur and what countries did it effect?
What are the Main Causes of A Tsunami?
How Did the World do to Help after the Boxing Day Tsunami?
The first thing that the world did was to donate 14 billion US dollars to help the countries that were affected by that calamity. There was 2.5 billion US dollars donated to help the governments in countries that were affected. Another 190 million dollars was to help the community get the necessity's they needed such as accommodation, food, water, etc.
As you can see from this diagram, it shows you how a Tsunami occurs.
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