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Barbara Ledermann

No description

Melanie Arias

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Barbara Ledermann

By: Melanie Arias Barbara Ledermann Barbara Ledermann I was born September 4, 1925 in Berlin, Germany.
Berlin is a fabulous city. My family was very wealthy
when we lived there...until the whole "Jews are the cause of all our problems" thing. Information About Me I am the oldest of my two sisters. I simply enjoy to horseback ride its the funnest thing on this whole planet. I've always wanted to become a dancer. Its delightful. I have a boyfriend, his name is Manfred and his is absouletly gorgeous. In Berlin, I am a wealthy person and in Berlin my house looked like this.... During The Invasion After the War... I remained in hiding until May 1945, when Amsterdam was liberated by Canadian troops. I then went off to the United States in Novemeber 1945! Barbara :) In May 1940, the Germans invaded the Netherlands. In just two short years they started to deport Jews, so Manfred got me and my family fake IDs to leave Berlin. This is how my house looked like My Friends and My Sister I have two sisters. One of my sister's name is Sussanne she was best friends with Anne Frank, and that is how I met my best pal Margrot. We hung out alot but got seperated when Hilter took over and the Franks moved. This is how Aryan ID cards looked like. Anne, Margot, Barbara, and Susanne playing. Me putting on makeup at my ballet recital Anne, Margrot, Susanne, and I
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