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Telematic Composition 2

No description

Ben Smith

on 19 July 2011

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Transcript of Telematic Composition 2

Telematic Composition II Latency 20 ms 3 ms 45 ms +50 ms -150 ms Modalities 20 ms 120 ms 400 ms 600 ms > 600 ms Video postural cues aesthetics Intimacy Multiplicity Abstraction http://ben.musicsmiths.us/mechanical.phtml 0 face-to-face short medium long very long Thanks to: Dr. Guy Garnett Dr. Kyratso Karahalios, Dr. Heinrich Taube, Dr. Thomas Turino NCSA, eDream, School of Music Donna Cox and the A.V.L. Team The IL Telematic Ensemble: Liliana Goldman Carrizo
Ben Leddy
John Toenjes Meagan Smith projectable surfaces transparent screens interactivity focus: listening achievement ~5-50ms ~3-240ms ~11ms ~11ms ~5-50ms Where does it come from?
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