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on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Allegiant


By Veronica Roth
Main External Conflict
Internal Conflict
Supporting Characters
, Tris Prior faces what is outside the fence. Tris, along with some friends such as Tobias, leave the city of Chicago to find more about there lives and what is to await them. As they deal with the racism about people's DNA, Tris and Tobias also uncover new evidence that explains them. During
, Tris and her friends have to deal with the racism of genetically damaged people and the genetically pure people, a lying Bureau who keeps secrets about history, the point that they have to save their city from a large serum, and throughout this, keeping up a relationship.

takes place in, and just outside, the Chicago area
In the future about about a century or so
The setting is one of the biggest parts of
. They find out that part of the setting, Chicago, was an experiment to
help the Bureau "fix" the genetically damaged.
"I need to see what's outside the fence." Page. 3
She's insanely curious and craves information about her life

"It isn't usually easy for me to let go of anger..." Page. 29
She is not very forgiving but learns to do it more near the end of the book
"I don't know how long it takes for me to relize that isn't going to happen, that she is gone. But when I do I feel all the strength go out of me, and I fall to my knees beside the table and I think I cry, then, or at least I want to, and everything inside me screams for just one more kiss, one more word, one more glance, one more.” Page 494
Somethimes it is othing more than gritting your teeth through pain, and the work of every day, the slow walk toward a better life. That is the sort of bravery I must have now." Page 509
Uriah - "And I provide much-needed eye candy." Funny Page 63
Uriah is that one kid everyone wants to be friends with. He is a fun-loving, otugoing person who is a great friend to evryone he meets. Uriah is perfect (which makes his death much harder) and is excited to do everything, Even though he has trouble being serious, this character brings many funny scenes to

Peter - "I want the serum because I'm am sick of being this way." Page 451
, Peter seems defeated and depressed all the time, but he can"t find a way to move on, and he hates himself for who he is and what he has done and he wishes to forget everything.

Cara - "I ca help , I've worked on serums too, as an Erudite." Page 337 Smart
Cara is an insanely smart character who seems cocky and has no feelings, but she surprises other characters by helping them and proving to them that she isn't just an Erudite. Cara is a very intellegent character in Allegiant who is normally the first one to speak her mind.
"I didn't know Will long," she says,"but he changed my life. He changed me. And I know Tris changed you even more. The person you become with her is worth being," she says. "If you swallow that serum, you'll never be able to find your way back to him. Page 507 She is understanding

"If the Dauntless knew about this, everyone would be getting in line to leran how to drive it," Uriah says, "including me." "No, they would be strapping themselves to the wings!" Christina says.
, the two main external conflict is the fight against rascism of the genetically pure and the genetically damaged, and that the bureau wants to earase the memories of everyone in Chicago. Both of these conflicts efect the main characters, have a physical effect, and lead to many deaths
Tobias and Tris
Tobias and Tris still struggle with telling each other the truth and learning to forgive each other.
Internal Conflict :
Peter struggles with the fact that he is always sad with himself. Peter is mad about what he has done to people and who he is as a person. Peter hates himself so much he erases his own memories tp forget.
Internal Conflict:
Caleb struggles with the fact that Tris will not forgive him. He belives that he didnt do much wrong and that Tris just doesn't understand. Tris finally forgives Caleb and he feels a little better about himslef
The color/type of the clothes you wear
, the clothes people wear either represents a group, rascism, or rebellion. For example, If you wear blue you are a GP, if you wear green, you are a GD.
"Do the colors of uniform mean anything?" I asked Zoe.
"Yes actually. Dark blue means scientist or researcher, and green means support staff-they do maintanance, upkeep, things like that... A lot of the support staff used to be from expiriments." Page 149
The Sculpture
In the middle of
, Tris finds a large rock sculpture with little droplets of water being dripped onto it. She later finds out that the rock is supposed to represent the Bureau's problems and that the wtaer represents the Bureau making progress slowly, but surely.
"Does it mean something?"
"It's the symbol of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare," she says. "The slab is the problems we're facing. The tank of water is our potential for changing that problem. And the drop of water is what we're actually able to do, at any given time."
Search for self-identity
, Tris and Tobias go from a society seperated by individuality and beliefs, to a socity seperated by genes that are "good", and genes that are "bad". Due to this, they have to find things out thereselfes. We watch as charcters such as Cara, Tris, Christina, and Tobias all still carry traits from their old faction, and try to break away from those and become their own person. The chacters also find out more about there genes and how Tobias is not pure, but damaged. We also get to see how the people fight back agasinst the Bureau who tries to define peoples' identities.
"I'm not sure how Dauntless I really am, anyway, now that the factions are gone." Page 52

"You know, it would be perfectly logical for you to be panicking right now," Cara says. "No need to continually insist upon your unshakable masculinity" Page 111

"I thought that "Divergent" explained everything that I am and everything I could be. Maybe I was wrong." Page 183

"Our ability to know about ourselves and the world is what makes us human." Page 376
Allegiant was a very intersting book. I was defenitly the big fianle and grabs attention, but I wouldn't recoomend it to many people. I thought the auther, Veronica Roth, did a good job with the ending, but the book lacke excitement and often bored me. The ending defenitly made the book. I recomened Allegiant to people to have a high patiance tolerence and can face one of the saddest book ending.
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