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Aquatic Biome - Salt Water

No description

Bella Nguyen

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Aquatic Biome - Salt Water

Aquatic Biome
By Bella Nguyen, Darby Hurley, and Peyton Orosco

Where is the aquatic biome located?
The climate and temperature differs considering most of the water covers 71 percent of the Earth. Depending on the ocean, pressure, location, and time of the year. The lower you get under water, the colder it gets.
What is Biodiversity?
How does biodiversity effect the aquatic biome?
What is sustainability?
How does sustainability effect
the aquatic biome?
Biodiversity is the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.
Sustainability is the property of being sustainable.
Algae is an aquatic producer. It has adapted so today it reproduces asexually.
Seaweed is a producer as well. Its roots are very strong and hold it in place when the current is rough.
There are five oceans in the world;
the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Arctic, the Indian, and the Southern Ocean. Water covers about 71% of Earth, and it plays a huge role.
Dolphins are consumers of the ocean, and they eat small fish. Since they are mammals they must come up for air. Amazingly they are able to clear 80% of their lung air in one breath(blow).
Moray Eels have 2 jaws, the first is for grabbing its prey and the second is used to pull the prey down its throat.
Scientists have discovered less than 5 percent of the ocean and we have discovered more than 2 million species. Therefore, the aquatic biome has a high diversity.

The aquatic biome has a high sustainability because it has high biodiversity. Which means animals can sustain life easier with many different species.
Succession in the aquatic biome starts with a rock. Then, lichen begins to grow. Once that dies moss begins growing and after the moss seaweed takes its place. Later, an entire coral reef will be there including various fish and other organisms.
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