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Architecture and Construction


vicente ocampo

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Architecture and Construction

ARCHITECTURE AN CONSTRUCTION ARCHITECT WHAT THEY DO THEY DESIGN BUILDINGS WITH PLAN LAYOUTS THAT THEY MAKE AN TALK WITH THE CLIENT TO DETERMENT WHAT THEY WANT THEIR BUILDING TO LOOK LIKE They need mathematics skills, speaking skills, an writing skills, an not as necessary but important science SKILLS THEY NEED The job money and outlook The average annual wage for an architect is 76,970 WHAT DO YOU NEED TO LEARN FOR YOUR CAREER ? What are two related or similar careers? t They need to get a Bachelor's degree for Architecture and Construction so that they can get a job an they also need the experience that there is to know about this job the amount annually for an ARCHITECT is $ 76,970 but the Experience Annual Wage $126,820 CARPENTER . Brick and Stone Mason Helper . . . . .
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