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My Interest Nicole

No description

Nicole Hauck

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of My Interest Nicole

I am in the Meckling Livestock 4-h club we do lots of thing. I thing that 4-h is fun. I enter projects. I wish i would do animals but we do not live on a farm.we also do community surivse
I am in softball. Softball is my favorite sport. I wish that is all the time but it is only in the summer. I like to bat. I love the feel of hitting the ball and running to first base. I play short stop. I think that shortstop is the best position.
My Favorite Foods
I love pie. Pie is my favorite food. I think that my moms apple pie is the best in the world. I also like pecan pie. I wish my mom would make it more often.
I also love tacos. my grandma fry the shells. they are so good. my mom makes some meat that i could eat all day. It is so juicy it runs down your face.
I love my friends.They are the best.They are so nice. We do every thing together. We have sleep overs and watch movies and many more fun things. My best friends are Peyton and Isabel. I have many more other friends and well they are Amanda, Kerri, Keeley ,Maddie,Maddi,and many more.
Thanks for watching
My Interest Nicole
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