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Life of Pi Essay

No description

Alison Niece

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Life of Pi Essay

Thesis Statement The story with God is truly, "The better story" because it displays courage, faith, love and gives the readers and Pi a more realistic interpretation and an easier way to understand and comprehend the events in the novel Point #3 - Gives a more realistic interpretation Point #2 - Gives Pi a better understanding and comprehension of events Life of Pi Essay Point #1 - It displays courage, faith and love The story with God contains many things that aren't displayed in the other story or does not display as well The animals in this story can represent the way Pi had struggled with the situation so the only way to understand and get through the struggle is to make the animals represent people and the primitive, almost animalistic side that lies dormant in every human being Through the events that occur Pi is given more time to react and adapt to his situation. Everything happens fairly quickly in the other story and the reactions don't have as much of an impact Courage Faith Love The story lacking God does include courage, with Pi having to make the choice between kill or be killed, but the story with God better displays it He is repeatedly faced with things that the average person would not be able to handle, especially as well as he did Faith in God and religion Faith that he will live and be okay Unconditional love for his many gods and religions Unconditional love for his family Remained fairly courageous throughout a majority of the shipwreck He understands animal instinct and why they do what they do He knows the instincts of each individual animal and is able to adapt and react accordingly Because he doesn't understand humans as well, he isn't able to understand each individuals personal instincts. Had he been in the lifeboat with humans rather than animals it is a possibility that he may not have even survived He gives the animals almost human qualities and humans almost animalistic qualities. For example, the chef. The way Pi describes him seems more like an animal than a human. Richard Parker even seemed fairly human at points In situations like Pi's, humans have the basic instinct for survival. We have a habit of putting our survival as our top priority and while Pi does this, he almost puts the animals survival equal to his. He shows a truly human trait, compassion, which is another thing the story without God is lacking Conclusion In conclusion, the story with God is truly the better story. It represents so many things that the other does not include or does not value quite as much. It shows courage, faith and love in ways that the other story does not, cannot because its main focus is to show the ugly side of the human race. The animals in the story with God represent a more realistic story and a more realistic interpretation of the events. It also gives Pi a better understanding and comprehension of the traumatic experiences throughout the entirety of the novel, of the horrible things he was faced with, saw and did.
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