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Friends of the Taunton Animal Shelter

No description

Kayla Lemay

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Friends of the Taunton Animal Shelter

The Objectives
To raise $3,000 and receive four truckloads of supplies from their wish list by the end of the event.
To increase interest in adoption after the event.
To raise general awareness about the shelter in the local Taunton community after the event.
To see an increase in volunteers during and after the event.
Who to Reach
Citizens of the town of Taunton
Potential adopters of pets
Members of the shelter
Donors to the shelter
Potential volunteers

Our Strategy
The Situation
The Taunton Animal Shelter is having an event called “Holiday Tails” on December 8th and needs to create awareness of the event. Through this event they need to build a relationship with the community by thanking them for their support. It is a free event, but donations are more than welcome and needed.
To create a successful PR campaign for the “Holiday Tails” event that will bring a large crowd and many donations.
Holiday Tails 2013
Showcase all of the amazing things the shelter does to help animals.
Emphasize the theme of hope when promoting the event, as that is what the shelter creates for animals.
Promote the “Holiday Tails” event through social media, print flyers that will be dispersed through the school systems and local businesses, and letters appealing to service groups.
Event Flyer
Letter to the Taunton Schools
Call to Action Letter
Public Service Announcement
Have you ever considered adopting a pet? The Taunton Animal Shelter in Taunton, MA takes in local abandoned cats and dogs and sends them to better homes. They are hosting “Holiday Tails,” a holiday party to benefit the shelter at the Italian Social Club in Taunton, MA. For just a $5 donation, you could enter your pet in their “Furry Friends” contest. In addition, they will have raffles, music, and food. Come join them from 12-4 on Sunday, December 8th and celebrate the holidays to ensure each pet has a home this holiday season. Let your love be their home. For more information, please call 508-822-1463 or email them at paws4blue@aol.com.
Facebook Event Copy
The Website
Promotional Video
#holidaytails13 and #furryfriends13
The Cost
Any advertisement done on the the shelter’s website or Facebook page will not have a cost.
There was no fee to use the music in the promotional video so that will also not have a cost.
The cost for print promotions will vary depending on how much is printed. At Staples the cost to print 25 flyers is $3.75.

Find the brand new website with promotion of the event here: (http://tauntonanimalshelter.wordpress.com/)
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