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AP Statistics Test

Which subject area are students more likely to text in: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, or Foreign Language? We have the answer by using difference of proportions tests.

Renee Austin

on 18 May 2009

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Transcript of AP Statistics Test

AP Statistics Test What Subject Area Are Students
More Likely To Text In? Hypothesis Null Hyp: The proportions of students who text in each
subject area are all equal. Alternative Hyp: Not all of the proportions of students who
text in each subject area are equal. What test did we use? 2 Proportion Z test ...but we did it multiple times to
compare all the different subjects
against each other. by Alisha Ness and Renee Austin Experimental Design Survey: Paper and Facebook Choose Subject Area:
Social Studies
Foreign Language We surveyed 212 people. 150 by paper.
Our population: Students ages 14-20 currently in school.
Sampled: Students in study halls and friends on facebook. Data Math 77 =36.3%
English 39 =18.4%
Social Studies 26 =12.26%
Science 36 =16.98%
Foreign Language 34 =16.04%
total 212 Graphs Test Statistics and P-values math>english:
english>social studies:
english>foreign language:
science>social studies:
science>foreign language:
foreign language>social studies:
conclusion According to our p-values, there is enough evidence
to say that the proportion of students who text in
Math class is significantly larger than the proportion of
students who text in English class at the 1% level.
This also means that the proportion of Math students is
larger than the proportion of students in each of the
other subjects (their individual proportions are smaller
than the proportion of English students).

There were no other significant results to say the
proportion of students in the other subjects were
any different, statistically, from each other.

The only slightly significant result was when we
compared English to Social Studies. At the 5% level we
have sufficient evidence to say that English has a higher
proportion of students who text in it than Social
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