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commas, semicolon, and colon

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Edgar Montejano

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of commas, semicolon, and colon

Comma Use a comma to seperate items in a series:

Dad's garden produced carrots, beans, and cucumbers.
I enjoy playing basketball baseball and football. Use commas before coordinating conjuncions.

Our family planned a trip, so we needed maps.
He invited us to listen but we had no time. Use commas to seperate expressions that interrupt a sentence.

My favorite aunt, who is a teacher, will drive the bus.
Yes Tina I have extra notebook paper. Use a comma after certain introductory elements:

Yes, I'm the one who called.
Why I see you cut your hair! Semicolon Colon Students will be able to write using commas, colons, and semicolons What is a semicolon?
What does one look like? Use a semicolon between independent clauses if they are not joined by a coordinating conjunction.

I like the color purple; Jane likes the color blue.
Some people like poetry others like short stories. Use a semicolon rather than a comma before a coordinating conjunction to join
independent clauses that contain commas.

We visited our relatives in Albany, NY; Philadelphia, PA; and Washington, D.C.
My brothers were born on March 10, 1984 July 28, 1986 and September 4, 1991. Now, the colon :) Use a colon after an independent clause to draw attention to a list.

In order to graduate, a student needs to pass certain classes: English, Math, Science, and History.
We will discuss the following North American cities in class tomorrow Toranto, Los Angeles, New York, Guadalajara, and Nuevo Leon. Use a colon between two independent clauses if the second independent clause summarizes or explains the first independent clause.

I received low and failing grades for one reason: I wasn't focused in class.
I have one important rule respect yourself, respect others, and respect your elders. Use a semicolon to join two complete sentences with a transitional phrase.

When I woke up this morning, the sky was full of clouds; unfortunately, I couldn't find my umbrella.
I felt sick and didn't feel like going to school however, after eating breakfast, I felt much better. Coordinating Conjunctions: F
S or
o Use a colon between the hour and the minute.

8:03 A.M. Use a colon after the salutation of a business letter.

Dear, Mrs. Cramer:
To whom it may concern: Use a comma to separate 2+ adjectives that come before a noun:

Ten hungry, chirping birds landed near our blanket.
Janine pushed her long straight hair out of her eyes.
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