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Taking the Lead

No description

Katey Allwell

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead
Presenting the Roving Reference 'Kelpie' Application!
Have you ever witnessed this scenario?
Introducing Kelpie
The Roving Reference Application
Background and Rationale
So what does it look like and how does it work?
"I think my ancestor was a tenant farmer on the Coolangatta Estate. Can you help me find this information?
Where to
from here . . . ?
Thank you!
Kelpie Results
How Kelpie helped find information.
Training and Other Considerations
Library staff may be untrained or feel ill-equipped to answer reference enquiries.
Ever thought there's got to be a better way?
Follow Us!
There is . . . . . . . . . .
The challenges of working in a group.
Re-vision reference.
Compatibility challenges.
Envisioning an
solution - Kelpie.
Appointing workload: Skills, Law, Local Studies and Readers Advisory.
In how many clicks?
Patron feelings
Any recommendations for improvement?
Kelpie provides the basics for the reference and readers advisory interview.
Roving Reference is most effective when paired with training.
Staff need to be trained in:
How to provide reference assistance
How to use a tablet or device
Roving training e.g how to identify customers who require assistance
IT involvement.
Image enhancement.
Value adding.
"My son is struggling with his reading. Can you recommend something for him?"
Staff presence

Proactive service

The 'silent' customer

Readers' advisory


Observing usage patterns
Be Bold
Be Practical
Be Different
How will it work in my library?
Begin cultivating fresh thinking in your organisation!
Reaching the Summit
Prototype, Prototype, Prototype!
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