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Industrial Microbiology

No description

Greg Hein

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Industrial Microbiology

Industrial Microbiology Genetics Laboratory Techniques
Patents Health and Medicine Material Products Bioremediation Agriculture and Food Downstream processing
Primary Recovery (ex) cell separation, filtration, harvested cells, waste products, spent medium etc.
Product Purification (ex) dialysis, precipitation, partition, ultrafiltration etc.
Finishing Process (ex) Crystalization, drying sterile filtration, packaging etc.
Upstream Processes
initial isolation
strain improvement
production strain
starter culture
media developement and maintenance
Fermentation (oxygen, pH control, antifoam, cooling/heating) Drug discovery and Screening
Antibiotics, vaccines, antifungals
pathogen epidemiology
Infectious Control
rights granted to the inventor
Protects intellectual freedoms
Prevents others from using, selling or making the invention
Identification of food borne pathogens
Large scale production of food and beverages

Clean-up of toxic waste sites
Cost effective clean-up
Utilization of a microorganisms biochemical pathways Isolation of genes of interest
transformation of host via gene vector
Genetically modified organisms and crops
Novel genes can be patented
Advancement in genetic engineering large scale production of non-food, non drug materials
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