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6th Grade Empathy

6th Grade Empathy Lesson

Monica Carlson

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of 6th Grade Empathy

Learning About Empathy
Being able to understand and share other people's feelings.
We can show empathy by understanding what others are going through and sharing that experience with them
Being able to understand and share other people's feelings is empathy!
I can show empathy by...
Someone can show me empathy by...
Empathy vs. Sympathy
Walking in Someone Else's Shoes
"Don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes."
How is she feeling?
can I show her
that I care?
My dog Scruffy died last night.
He has lived with us ever since I was a baby.
Oh, I'm sorry you lost your dog.
I can tell your
dog meant a lot to you and I know
that hurts a lot. Can I do anything
to help you right now? Do you want
to eat lunch with me?
Thanks for saying that.
Sure, I'll eat lunch with you today.
What can you do to show empathy towards others?

What if someone is having a bad day or is sad? What can you say or do?

What if your best friend moved away? How would that make you feel?

Perspective taking
Staying out of judgment
Recognizing emotion in other people
Oh, that stinks. At least you
got to have a dog. My parents
won't even let me have a gerbil.
How did he die?
Um, I don't want to
talk about it. I guess I'll see
you later.
Listening to me
Not judging me or making me feel weird
Understanding and being sensitive to my emotions
Can be considered problem admiring or simply feeling pity for someone else's misfortune
Goes beyond simply feeling sorry, to actually considering the emotions and feelings someone is having and sharing in that experience to a lesser degree
Empathy is the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions
When I show someone empathy, I am letting them know that their emotions and experiences matter
With a classmate, come up with your own summary/definition of what empathy is
Source: Project Happiness Leson 7: Empathy
FIVE Skills to Develop Empathy
Watch & Listen: What is the other person saying and what is their body language?
Remember: Have you felt the same way? Ask yourself,
Imagine: Imagine how you might feel.
Ask: Find out how the person is feeling.
Show you care.
When did something like this happen to me?
Feeling sorry for someone
Showing Empathy
#1) What do I want to practice?
#2) How will we all benefit from my goal?
Be kinder to a sibling or friend
Help my parent(s) by being ready for bedtime
Do a chore
Complete my homework without being reminded
Put things away
Other __________________
We will both feel better
I will be rested for the next day
I will be a helpful part of the family
I will be prepared for class
I can find what I need and help my family
Other __________________
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