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Real Life Parabolas:

No description

Luke Skaggs

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Real Life Parabolas:

Real Life Parabolas:
Man-Made and Natural.
People use parabolas allot. Ever drink from a water fountain? That was deisgned to arch like thatso you could drink it. The fountain it self is just the X axis, and the equation is y=1/8x^2.

Here are some Man Made Parabolas.
La Tour Eiffel
The Eiffel Tower's
Lower portion is a
Clear example of a
Roller Coasters!

Many Roller Coasters
Have parabolas in
Water Fountains!
As I said earlier,
Water fountains are
designed to arc,
making a parabola.
These are both
Natural and Man-
Made Parabolas.
The McDonalds Sign
Is two Parabolas, Hooked
Together. It is obviously supposed to
Be an M, But the way
It is written makes it
Seem it is made of
Two Parabolas.

As Shown by this graph, Slinkies
Were designed to be parabolas.
Natural Parabolas.
In addition to Man Made Parabolas,
There are many parabolas in nature!
Here are 5.

Jump Arcs!
In Nature, Drag and Weight
Pull us down when we jump,
Causing a Parabola. If our
Jump went On
Forever, it would
Be an actual Parabola

Rainbows are actually very
Steep or not at all steep
Light Waves.
Light waves, especially color
waves, are parabolas just continued.
Natural Formations.
Lots of natural formations
are parabolas, examples are ice and mountain ranges. Hills and valleys are also
great examples
Most orbits are circles,
But shown here, Some can be
Thank you for viewing.
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