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PSHE - Jigsaw

No description

Y Arshad

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of PSHE - Jigsaw


Follow up from PSHE INSET day
Jigsaw in the classroom
Assessment - Reflections
Next steps
Connect Us activities

PSHE Staff Meeting - 13th May 2014
Launch of JIGSAW with children.
- Launch JIGSAW in September at St Jude's Church

Continue with the Celebration Assembly.
- Jigsaw Celebration Assembly

PSHE timetabled lessons.

Assessment- Children to reflect on own feelings and learning.
- Use in Wellbeing logs and reports

Create journal to follow throughout school.

Debs and John: CPD - Questionnaires.

Staff shared - Curriculum Areas - Jigsaw PSHE

Connect Us
Change from SEAL to PSHE.

Structure for each lesson like any other.

Preparing children for the
'Crunch Moment.'

Understanding background of each child -Successful learning will take place if children feel comfortable and safe.

Cross curricular links- SEAL, Citizenship, SRE - Science, Collective Worship, Maths, P.E (Exercise- Healthy lifestyles), English- Stories to explore, speaking and listening, Geography- People living in different parts of the world.
Jigsaw - PSHE

Key points - INSET day
Circle Overviews
Next Steps
Connect Us
Increase of timetabled PSHE lesson per week. Continue reminding: Golden Rules, behaviour etc.

Support staff involved.

Lesson to have L.O and S.C.

Final lesson used for assessment / reflection.

Jigsaw celebration assembly at the end of each term - selecting a child from weekly celebration awards.
Jigsaw in the Classroom

End of each term children to reflect on learning.

Teacher to work with 6 children to discuss and reflect on the term.

Children to highlight how they feel - Teacher to comment and highlight.

Each term select 6 new children.

Use as additional information for wellbeing logs.

Reports at the end of the year.
Assessment - Reflection
Each child to be given an A4 book as their individual journal.

Children to keep these books throughout school.

Use as a scrap book- Any brainstorming, pictures etc.

Reflection sheets completed at the end of the term to be included.

Front cover - In folder/Individual.
- Title: PSHE Learning Journal

Each class to display topic of the term.

Jigsaw circle.

Use in lessons and CW.

Children can add labels.

Use as a guide for WWW and EBI.

Connect Us
Connect Us
Pass the Orange
Pass an orange around the group without using hands!

Be creative in ways to pass the orange, e.g. under their chin etc.

Reflect on the skills needed to be able to complete the task, e.g. imagination, perseverance and determination.

Bean Bag
Fizz Buzz
Pass your bean bag to your partner

Throw bean bag back and forth counting score.

When comfortable create a bigger distance between you and your partner.

If you drop the bean bag then start again!
Add in second bean bag. Can you increase the pace of throwing and catching?
4 times table

You are counting from 1 and seeing how far you can get.

The times table that you are working on will be
replaced with the word fizz.

So any time there is a number in the 4 times table, you
replace it with fizz. E.G. 1,2,3, fizz (4), 5,6,7, fizz (8).

If you forget to say buzz you is return to 1 and start again.
Extension- 4 and 7 times tables
As an extension of this game you can introduce
2 different multiplications.

Any number from the 4 times tables replace with a fizz and any number from the 7 times table replace with a buzz.

If a number occurs in both times tables then the person will say Fizz Buzz.

E.G. 1,2,3, Fizz (4), 5, 6, Buzz (7), Fizz(8), 9, 10, 11, Fizz (12), 13, Buzz(14), 15, Fizz (16), 17,18,19, Fizz (20), Buzz (21).

Connect Us
Fizz Buzz
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