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ECCE Project Pilot Course

Presentation for the Final Project Conference (Prague, September 2013)

Laura Viñuela Suárez

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of ECCE Project Pilot Course

Education of Career Counsellors around Europe
El presente proyecto ha sido financiado con el apoyo de la Comisión Europea. Esta publicación es responsabilidad exclusiva de su autora. La Comisión no es responsable del uso que pueda hacerse de la información aquí difundida.
May and June 2013 during 3 weekends (Friday - Saturday)
Pilot Course Spain
Orientación Profesional tras un E.R.E.

Laura Viñuela
, Gender Consultant, ECCE team
Natalia Quintanal
, Career Counselor and Coach, ECCE Expert Group Spain
Gender and Career Counselling
Expediente de Regulación de Empleo E.R.E.
"Work force Adjustment Plan"
Tools and strategies for CC
Linking practice to theory
Understanding of current situation of labour market, career counselling as a professional field
14 (13 women + 1 man)
All with experience in CC
Public sector: 6
Private sector: 8
Local Employment Service (2)
School (1)
Foundation (1)
Equality Agent in Rural Area (1)
Vocational Training for a University Degree (1)

H.R. Department within Company (4)
NGO (4)
* Some of them had experience counselling people affected by and E.R.E.
* Some had experienced an E.R.E.
* Some had experience doing CC for women
Expectations were fulfilled
Knowledge and experience acquired is applicable in national context
Would recommend it to others
Best valued
exchange between participants
reflection on own practice/own professional development
learning from each other
new tools and theories
"names" to what they were doing
Learning outcomes
Further intentions
Repeat adapted to different organizations/target groups, i.e.:
whole programme to local government employment services
divided in smaller independent modules for specific target groups with a concrete binding topic (CC women victims of gender violence)
3 external experts
about specific topics
(E.R.E., CC in companies)
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