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13 Colonies

No description

Shreya Kulkarni

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of 13 Colonies

13 Colonies Shreya Kulkarni
Annie Zhao
Claire Zheng 1624
Dutch West India Company establishes New York. 1600 1700 1650 1630
The Puritans establish Massachusetts Bay. 1638
John Wheelwright establishes New Hampshire. 1620
The Pilgrims establish Plymouth. 1634
Lord Baltimore (Cecil Calvert) establishes Maryland. 1639
Thomas Hooker establishes Connecticut. 1607
The Puritans establish Virginia. 1647
Roger Williams & Anne Hutchinson establishes Rhode Island. 1664
Lord Berkeley and Sir George Cataret establish New Jersey. 1681
William Penn establishes Pennsylvania. 1701
Settlers in the lower countries establish Delaware. 1712
Settlers from Virginia establish North Carolina. 1719
Friends of King Charles establish South Carolina. 1732
George II and James Edward Oglethorpe establish Georgia. 1625 1675 1725 North Carolina
- Southern Colony
- Economic reasons Virginia
- Southern Colony
- Economic reasons Maryland
- Southern Colony
- Religious freedom Delaware
- Middle Colony
- Political reasons Pennsylvania
- Middle Colony
- Quakers seeking freedom New York
- New England Colony
- Money making business New Hampshire
New England
Economic reasons Connecticut
- New England Colony
- Free government Rhode Island
- New England
- Religious freedom New Jersey
- Middle Colony
- New York was too big to be governed easily Massachusetts Bay
- New England Colony
- Wanted colony governed by Bible Massachusetts Bay Colony:
The soil was rocky and the
winters were rough.
There were vast forests and clean water. New York Colony:
It was originally owned by the Dutch.
After conquered by the British they changed the name to New York. Maryland Colony:
It was named after Queen Henrietta Maria.
It grew and exported tobacco. New Hampshire Colony:
1/7 of the men were fishermen.
It was the first colony to declare independence from Britain. Connecticut Colony:
For a while, they claimed to have all the land to the Mississippi River.
It was actually 3 separate colonies, but later, they merged. Rhode Island Colony:
Contained fertile lands that were excellent for farming.
Produced cheese from cows and sheep. Virginia (Jamestown) Colony:
Major export was tobacco.
First English colony
established. New Jersey Colony:
It was a relatively warm colony; a hot climate.
It had many rivers to ship goods. Pennsylvania Colony:
Named after William Penn, the founder's father.
Guaranteed religious freedom. Delaware Colony:
Named after early
governor of Virginia,
Lord de la Warr.
1st state to ratify the
US Constitution. North Carolina Colony:
Lost city of Roanoke still a mystery.
12th state of to ratify Constitution. South Carolina Colony:
Major cash crop was rice and indigo.
Spain/France tried to settle there twice. Georgia Colony:
Slavery became a major part
in plantations.
Named after George II. Georgia
- Southern Colony
- Religious freedom, cheap land South Carolina
- Southern Colony
- Economic reasons - Free government and religious freedom
- New England Colony
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