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Google Apps and Haiku LMS

The great equalizers, unifying students, teachers and staff with a centralized communication and information portal.

Jonathan Jarc

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Google Apps and Haiku LMS

Leveling the communication
playing ground... Google Apps and Haiku LMS internet access
web searching - e-learning
blended learning -
open source free software -
mobile learning - PLNs
MOOCs 21st Century Learning Skills The world is open. mastering core concepts

thinking critically

problem solving

effective communication



These are not ‘new’ educational skills - but the ways in which they are most often taught today (tv, projection units, whiteboards, PowerPoint, lectures, direct instruction) are still connected to a teacher-centered classroom. Shift. One to many. Access to Learning digital, mobile, flexible framework for exploration WHY GOOGLE APPS? Free. Free is in the budget.
Gmail - simplicity, access for all.
Google Docs - collaborative, cloud-based
Google Drive storage
Additional SSO services; YouTube, Picasa, Google Maps, Google Sites, and Calendar.
Apps marketplace for EDU.
EasyBib, Aviary, Slide Rocket, Brain Pop, Open Class and more
Easy for IT
Centralized management of users
'Active directory' syncing
Sub-Organizations for user management
Cloud email and docs storage Administer from anywhere
Assign granular admin permission tasks Why an LMS ? multiple systems

multiple logins

single-feature software Make it Work the roll-out Many to many. Google Apps and Haiku New Assessments rich, varied, platform independence Where and When uniform delivery, enhanced, open, collaborative, shared
learning. Why Haiku? Google SSO (single sign-on)
Google Docs/Apps Integration
Ease of Use
Universal adoption
Shallow learning curve
Open, Feature-Rich Architecture
Low Cost per user
Platform Independence
Online and blended classrooms Create a pilot
Diverse users
Subject specific training
Realistic expectations
Ongoing & convenient PD
PD Cafe/Workshops
Mentoring groups
1:1 Content training Make it realistic give it time. Pick a pilot duration - (3-4 months)
Get parents on board
Involve staff and administration
Provide a feedback system
Dedicate time for PD.
Assume success and adoption Have participants define some goals, objectives to be met and explored during the pilot. Jon Jarc

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