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Poseidon vs. Aquaman

No description

Paris Venters

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Poseidon vs. Aquaman

Poseidon and Aquaman
Similarites Between the Two.
similarity # 1
Poseidon controls the seas and everything under it and he is the son of Kronos
Aquaman controls the seven seas and is the son of Atlan
Similarity #2
In the war against the Titans the Cyclopes forged Poseidon a weapon called the Trident

When Aquaman became king of Atlantis he received a Trident to show he was king.
Similarity #3
Poseidon's Attributes :
Aquaman's Attributes :
Similarity #4
Poseidon lives in a palace made out of ecosystem friendly materials ie: Coral,Sand,and Seashells
Aquaman lives in a palace made out of Gold and Silver many people know it as Atlantis
Similarity #5
One of Poseidon many talents is that he can talk to horses and every other animal that lives under the sea.
Although Aquaman cannot talk to horses he can talk to the animals under the sea.
Similarity # 6
Poseidon had fell in love with a nymph named Amphitrite and soon married her and had a child called Triton. Though he started taking after his brother Zeus and chasing after girls causing them to be cursed by amphitrite (scylla)
Aquaman had fell in love with Mera the Queen of Xebel and married her making her the Queen of Atlantis also they had a child named Arthur curry ,Jr or Aquababy.They separated after Aquababy was killed.He has to other sons that weren't killed Korvak and Arthur || .
Similarity #7
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Poseidon had the gift of sonar or echo location
Aquaman had gotten the gift of sonar or echo location by winning a fight against Poseidon's son Triton
Similarity # 8
Poseidon had some enemies i.e.:
His father, Kronus
Athena because Zeus promised Poseidon the city of Athens. But when Athena was born he told Athena she could be the patron of Athens
Odysseus is an enemy of Poseidon after he killed his son Polyphemus the Cyclop
Aquaman had many more enemies than poseidon i.e.:
Black Manta
Demon Gate
Black Jack
Shark (the greatest villains of Aquaman)
Poseidon and Aquaman are similar in some aspects due to the fact that Aquaman was based off of Poseidon
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