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Cassandra Freeman

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

"Social welfare programs for unaccompanied child refugees in Australia"
Key terms and synonyms:
Social welfare programs: services, specific (health, counselling etc.)
refugees: migrant, asylum seeker
unaccompanied: orphaned, alone, abandoned
child: juveniles, teenagers, adolescents, minors Example of a social issue research topic Assessment Task 2 Cassandra Freeman SWK3230
Library Workshop Original artist: Nick Kim Scholarly and peer-reviewed sources SWK32301 Work through the exercise on page 12 of your handout Activity 2: Keyword searching in Informit Database SWK3230 Apply limits to your search.
Search by keyword, subject, author
Citation searching Database searching tips SWK3230 March 2013 Work through the exercise on page 8 of your handout Activity 1: Searching & Saving in Presentation title 28th February 2011 Where do I search?
http://guides.lib.monash.edu/content.php?pid=117764 SWK3230 Create a search strategy
Combine keywords with AND/OR/NOT (Boolean operators):
Use quotes to search for phrases.  
Use ‘truncation’ symbols to retrieve word variations. How? SWK3230 Topic analysis
What are the keywords? what do they mean? What other related terms are there?
Try to think of any synonyms, plural/singular forms of words, words with different spellings, acronyms
Which theories relate to this topic?
What questions are actually being asked?
Who, what, when, where, why, how How? You will need most of these:
Reference works e.g.Dictionaries, encyclopaedias
Newspaper articles
Current affairs programs
Peer-reviewed journal articles/theses
Government publications/websites What types of information do I need? Deciding what information you need
How to begin the process
Where to search
Managing your research
Critical evaluation of research Session Overview SWK3230 SWK3230 March 2013 Is the information relevant?
Is the author or source reliable?
Does it give comprehensive coverage?
Is it intended for an academic audience?
Is it current enough?
Is it objective? Evaluate information critically SWK3230 Social Work Databases SWK3230 March 2013 SWK3230 Cassandra Freeman (Librarian)
Fiona Patterson (Learning Skills Adviser)
Sarah Cahill (Librarian)
Research and learning service point
11am-3pm, 5-7pm (Mon-Fri)
Learning Skills Adviser
12-2pm (Mon-Fri), 5-7pm (Mon & Wed) More help SWK32301 Record your searches Managing your information
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