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Clean Nuclear

No description

sam gitto

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Clean Nuclear

Chemical equation
for nuclear fission Purpose of Nuclear reaction Nuclear fission creates alot of energy that can be harnessed
to power many homes with little to no polution into the
atmosphere. clean nuclear ENERgy What is nuclear fission? Nuclear fission is when an atom splits apart.
when it does this it loses part of its mass, this mass
is turned into energy. Chain reaction A chain reaction is when one atom has nuclear fission and a particle flies off and hits another atom and makes that atom break apart, starting a chain reaction from there. How does it work when all of the atoms are being split apart there is alot of friction, causing alot of heat. and since the radioactive rods are submersed in water it creates alot of steam which rises and turnes large turbines, which creates electricity. Why Nuclear? -As nuclear energy goes up, coal and oil usage will go down.
-Nuclear is a constant renewable energy source, as apposed to solar and wind.
-Saftey is not as big of a concern as it as made out to be, the Chernobyl reactors were out-dated.
-Earth will run out of coal alot faster than it will run out of uranium, we have enough material to last a couple thousand years.
-Nuclear reactors do not produce green house harmful gasses into the air, only steam.
- A nuclear plant can create massive amounts of energy at a time with just a little amount of material. Reactor Rods Nuclear power plant Why Not Nuclear? -Waste stays radioactive and dangerous for thousands to millions of years.
-If waste gets out of containers it can get into water supplies and cause cancer.
-Nuclear Power plants are expensive to build.
-Plants would be a terrorist target.
-If an accident would happen there would be major health problems for generations.
-Uranium is a non-renewable resource. How it Works They start with little uranium rods and put them into larger rods. then they put the rods into a large tank of water. they shoot a neutron into the uranium. the neutron hits the center of a uranium nucleus, causing it to split. when it splits it sends out 2 other neutrons which then hit other atoms. all of this creates alot of friction which makes alot of heat. this heat is used to turn water into steam, which then turnes turbines making electricity. Sign for Nuclear waste Uranium 235 Nuclear waste
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