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How did the nature of warfare change WWI?

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Mallory Kimmell

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of How did the nature of warfare change WWI?

How did the nature of warfare change WWI?
The Amount of Deaths
Compared to other wars in the past, the amount of casualities were significantly greater. There was a lot more just average population death as well compared to just having solider deaths.
Chemical Warfare
Chemical Warfare was also introduced. soilders used poison gas to kill mass amounts of people all at one time.
Airplanes and Submarines
Airplanes were used for reconnaissance, bombing, and fighting but did not prove decisive. sumbmarines were used to send torpedos as well as on deck guns to sink other ships.
Machine Guns & Artillery Guns
With new technology, soilders were focusing on their weapons more. Machine guns were firing about 600 bullets a minute. Artillery field guns were long range canons that caused more casuatlies than any other weapon.
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