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Genetically Modified Organisms & Foods

No description

Ad Geez

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Genetically Modified Organisms & Foods

Effects on HEALTH
Pros Cons
What Are "GMO"s?
Organisms whose genomes have been altered by genetic engineering.
Effects on the ECONOMY
Pros Cons
Effects on SOCIETY
Pros Cons
To Wrap It Up...
Effects on the ENVIRONMENT
Pros Cons
GM foods have several benefits and disadvantages regarding the economy, society, health and the environment.

“GMO Facts & FAQ”
Date & Author N/A

“Benefits of GM”
2005, Author N/A
UC Santa Cruz – Engineering

“Pros & Cons of GMO Foods”
2014, Joshua Duvauchelle

“The Environmental Impact of GMOs”
2013, Emily Glass
One Green Planet

“Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods”
2014, Byrne, Pendell & Graff
Colorado State University

Labeling GM Foods
Pros Cons
Genetically Modified Organisms & Foods
Adam Goldfarb
Foods last longer, meaning farmers can save more money.
Companies & government can easily sue farmers for adding GM products to foods with attained rights to the products.
Solve hunger in underdeveloped countries in need of nutrients and vitamins that they cannot receive from normal foods.
Interfering with nature in this way can create serious consequences.
Foods can be improved into better quality substances.
Allergic reactions may arise from GM foods.
GMOs can be added to create salt tolerant plants.
Gene transfer (creating superbugs)
People may wish to avoid GMOs for religious and ethical reasons. Also, people may be concerned about the health deffects GMOs have on the human body.
Several issues arise with mandatory labeling (cost, boundaries, economic issues, etc.)
There are several pros and cons to GM food mandatory labeling.
Decisions of whether or not GMOs are good or bad predominantly revolve around ethical questions and decisions.
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