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Using YouTube - Nicola Crowley, British Council

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Nicola Crowley

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Using YouTube - Nicola Crowley, British Council

First this:
Workshop outline
YouTube techniques and videos for ELT
Getting to know you
Pause & predict
You are going on holiday and can only bring a very small suitcase.

In pairs, make a list of essential items to pack.
While watching - Task 1
What items does Mr Bean pack that are the same as your essential items?

What items are different?
While watching - Task 2
What happens next?

Write a prediction with your partner on post-it note.
After watching
Check predictions
Vote for best alternative ending
Write a postcard
Language work - clothes, a/an & some, language for prediction
Vision off
What can you hear?
How many people are there?
What is happening?
Where is the scene set?
Task 1 - while listening
Task 2 - speaking & writing
Most films have a beginning (set up), middle (event or complication) and an end (resolution).

What do you think happened in the beginning, middle and end of this short film?

Create a storyboard or screenplay. Use your notes to help you.
Task 3 - watch and check predictions
Teeth - Directed by John Kennedy & Ruairí O'Brien
Mr Bean - Packing for holiday
1. Freeze frame
a. Where does the scene take place?
b. Who is in the scene?
c. Why is the customer there?
d. What words or phrases would you expect them to use? Write in box 1.
2. Watch and check
3. What do you remember?
4. Take notes on your character
Watch the scene again and this time take notes on one of the characters.
1= the customer
2= the pharmacist
5. Compare notes with a partner
Rick visits the chemist - Lead Balloon - BBC
Write any key words or phrases you remember from the scene in box 2.
6. Watch again and add more notes
7. Role-play!
Who does what?
Before watching
Think of a person in your family. What does she or he do every morning? For example 'My Mum reads the newspaper'.

Tell your partner.
While watching
Who does what?

Wallace is a wacky inventor and Gromit is his loyal dog.

Watch the clip and write 'W' or 'G' next to who does what activity.
After watching
language practice
Over to you!
Your turn!
What can you use this video for?
What before, while and after watching activities would you do?
Some ideas
prediction - before & after
nationalities and countries
tenses - present perfect, conditionals
Thank you!
Activities on www.teachingenglish.org
Resources on http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org
Wallace and Gromit - Cracking Toast
Where the hell is Matt (2008)
WARNING: You will need to participate!
Before we get started...
UK Culture
London 2012
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