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Best Practices in Administering the Iowa Assessment

No description

Cindy Slinger

on 4 January 2017

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Transcript of Best Practices in Administering the Iowa Assessment

Best Practices in Administering the Iowa Assessment
Before Testing
During Testing
After Testing
Critical Iowa Assessment Information
High School Test Day
Ask questions of Cindy Slinger OR Kim Martorano
Materials delivered from Central Stores
Maintain pretest security pp.8-9
Check for sufficient quantities of testing materials (step by step instructions on p. 16)
Affix barcode labels or sort them by testing room to have test administrators affix them p. 16
Create testing schedule p. 12
5. Refer to test descriptions for required test times, allow time between tests, and allow time for distributing testing materials at the beginning and end of testing p. 11
1. Obtain a list of students needing accommodations-ELL, SpEd, 504 Plan and group students with SAME accommodations
2. Create a list of students needing special testing practices -small group setting, distraction-free setting, familiar teacher (not regular teacher) and group students with SAME special testing practices
3. Create a list of possible test administrators
4. Create a list of possible testing rooms-good lighting, sufficient space, adequate writing surfaces, NO visual aids that create an unfair advantage
Organize materials for distribution-refer to testing schedule and make sure there is a Directions for Administration manual for each Test Administrator
Create procedures for distributing tests materials to test administrators
One Week Before Testing
Communicate materials distribution plan to test administrators
Materials Preparation:

Ensure test administrators have this list of materials:
Two No. 2 Pencils for each student
Scratch paper
Timing device
Print a copy of Materials Check-Out Sheet p. 17 for test administrators to sign when picking up testing materials.
Ensure all test administrators have
been trained before
administering the Iowa Assessment tests
Use appropriate materials available on the website:
Test Security Guidelines pp.8-9
Procedures for Handling Testing Irregularities and Emergencies p. 19
Teacher Guide to Administering the Iowa Assessments pp. 20-21
Distribute Flyers
to Parents to Communicate Regarding Iowa Assessment testing
(flyers are available in various languages on the
Make a decision concerning the use of calculators for the math and science tests. Communicate the decision with test administrators.
Calculators with CAS functionality and/or internet access are not allowed.

**calculators are NOT allowed on the Computation test
Become Familiar with Administration Requirements
p. 5-7
Ensure ALL Test Administrators have completed the KITE Module
Administering the Iowa Assessment
Spring Break
Notify and distribute audit information to participating test administrators if your building is selected
Ensure Test Security is maintained and Administration Requirements are met
Returning Materials to Central Stores
Sort marked in (consumed or damaged) booklets from reusable booklets for both the Iowa Assessment and Try Out test
Account for and secure ALL testing materials delivered to your building
Write USED on marked in or damaged test booklets and Try Out test booklets
Do NOT submit MARKED answer folders to Central Stores!
Returning Materials to the Research and Data Management Department
Flag with a sticky note and place answer folders without barcode labels on top (under the Grade/Class Identification Sheet)
Answer Folders without barcode labels:
Unused Barcode Labels MUST be returned!
Sort answer folders -ready to be scored and need barcode labels
Verify each blue Grade/Class Identification Sheet is completed correctly
Complete purple Building Identification Sheet correctly
Write the reason the barcode label wasn't used such as MOVED, DROPPED OUT, ALTERNATE ASSESSMENT, etc. on the barcode label.
Store Directions for Administration
for possible use next year. Make sure multiple people in the building know where they are stored.
Document provided ELL accommodations
Use the link (on the Research & Data Management website) to access the ELL accommodations documents and fill out the appropriate accommodations for each student (ELL Testing Accommodations Codes p. 25)
Ensure Infinite Campus student enrollment information is accurate
Document test irregularities, emergencies, and unethical behavior-send to building administrator and on to the Research & Data Management Department
Sign up for a time to return answer folders to the Research & Data Management Department
May 24-

Estimated date for picking up Iowa Assessment Scoring Reports
Test form F
ONLY provided to Special Education and 504 Plan students with documentation in their IEP or 504 Plan
ELLs based on ELP levels p. 15
Students with a temporary injury or impairment that requires special conditions
Special Testing Practices that any student may have:
test administered in small groups
distraction-free setting
tests administered by familiar person-other than regular teacher
Organizing Materials
save boxes to return materials to Central Stores at the completion of testing
divide test booklets and answer folders by testing room & number of students
Testing Dates
April 3- April 14
Ensure Test Administrators have a copy of the Directions for Administration manual and other support documents to review before testing
You will be notified when the reports are ready to be picked up
Make a building decision about administering the inventory and other tests
No information on the results of the inventory will be given
Communicate the decision to all Test Administrators
Distribute the necessary materials to Test Administrators if giving the Inventory
Administering the
Student Interest Inventory (STEM)
other tests
Building Test Coordinator Calendar
Affix barcode labels on the correct level (grade) answer folder and in the correct place. Once affixed barcode labels are almost impossible to remove without tearing them.
Resources for Test Administration
Directions for Administration manuals
Procedures for Handling Testing Irregularities and Emergencies p. 19
Teacher Guide to Administering the Iowa Assessment pp. 20-21
Test Security Guidelines pp. 8-9
Fill in the information and click the Submit button.
You are signed up. You will receive an email confirming your day and time.
Student Test Booklets
Try Out Directions for Administration manuals
Try Out Test Booklets
Unused Answer Folders
Order Additional Barcode Labels

for answer folders that are missing a label at this link
by April 6
Marked Answer Folders
ID Sheets
Unused Barcode Labels
Unused boxes
Jimmy Bean
9th grade
Tests that MUST be administered:
Try Out Items
Social Studies (3rd-5th Grade ONLY)
Try Out Items are non-scored items
in development by the Iowa Testing Programs. Completing these items reduces the cost of administering the Iowa Assessment for our district. These items are not included in student scores.

Be sure and notify Test Administrators about the accommodations
(if needed) for the group of students they are testing!
The reading test may NEVER be read to any student including the passage, questions, and answer choices.
All students enrolled in the district continuously from the first day of testing and six days after the first day of testing must take the Iowa Assessment or the Alternate Assessment (if this is written in their IEP).

If not tested, these students will be counted against the participation rate for Federal and State accountability.

Says Form E but works for form F

ALL district answer folders must have a barcode label before any will be scored so order barcode labels ASAP!

Submit Order Form for Additional Bar code Labels at this link

This link is available on p. 7 and on the Research & Data Management Website

Ordering Additional Barcode Labels
Submit a Transfer of Materials form to have Central Store pick up your materials
Returning Materials to the Research & Data Management Department
Returning Test Materials to Central Stores
Fill out this form and click Submit

This date MUST be your regularly scheduled delivery day for Central Stores from April 17th-21st
Materials are returned April 14th-20th
*all Make Up Test must be completed before returning answer folders
Sample p. 24
There is a KITE module available for you to use in training staff if you choose. The link is available on the Research & Data Management website.
New English Language Learners will NOT have to be tested on the Iowa Assessment Reading subtest if the student was tested on the ELPA21 (English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century).

See page 13 for a list of tests NEW ELLs must take to comply with the Department of Education policy.

Information on NEW ELLs must be submitted to the Research & Data Management Department via the link available on the website.
Student Score Label will no longer need to placed on students' cumulative folders since these folders will be electronic and Iowa Assessment scores are loaded into Infinite Campus.
New English Language Learners will be able to "replace" the Iowa Assessment Reading subtests with the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century (ELPA21).
For a chart of the tests NEW ELL must take to comply with Department of Education policy, see p. 14.
Information about NEW ELL must be submitted to the Research & Data Management Department via a form. The link to the form is available on the website.
Barcode labels will not be shipped with the test booklets. They will be sent later to the Research and Data Management Department. You will be notified when they are available for pick up at Fleur.
You will probably not have all the barcode labels needed because you will have new students to your building after February 13th. You will need to order additional barcode labels.
Write the Student's name, number, and Grade in the place where the label will be affixed after it arrives.
Jane Doe
Grade 7
* When scheduling students with Extended Time be sure to schedule adequate time for all students to complete the test during the scheduled testing time-students should not go back later and complete a test.
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