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Outlining the Discipline and Practice of Qualitative Research

No description

Heather Pleasants

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Outlining the Discipline and Practice of Qualitative Research

Who are you as a Qualitative Researcher? Bricoleur - Quilt Maker What is your quilt/research question? How does a paradigm frame that question? What is this question concerned with? Just the words--
don't care who said 'em Revealing theories and the concepts that comprise them... Grounded Theory Exploring the contextualized
essence of experience I'd like to say a bit more
about who the participants
in my reserach are... Phenomenology Understanding how people use stories to understand their lives and contexts I need to know who this person is and I want to analyze the stories they tell. Narrative Understanding how people use language to position themselves and others Who is talking, what they said, and how they said are central to my work Discourse Analysis What is the culture of this space? The context, social roles
and how these play out
are central to me! Ethnography
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