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How Postcolonialism ties to 1984

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Cal Laughlin

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of How Postcolonialism ties to 1984

How Postcolonialism ties to 1984
Oppression of Human Independence
The oppression of their human independence is a major staple which connects Post colonialism to the novel 1984. Big brother puts an unfair control on the people of Oceania and controls them socially and somewhat economically on what they can purchase and how they can live.
Postcolonialism and Power
Postcolonialism also focuses heavily on the aspect of power. politics, and culture. Big brother controls every one of these aspects.
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Works Cited
There is postcolonialism in 1984 because a lot of the problems come from the government and how Oceania is set up
Ross Murfin says "Identity is important after escaping colonialism because it allows them to feel free from who they were before" In Oceania Big Brother does't want them to have their own identity
Controlling the Past
In Oceania, the past is a very concealed object. That could be consider the time of colonialism and the present is the post colonialism period with all the language and Newspeak. You see many ties to post colonialism in Oceania by the way their culture is formed.
"Works of literature that have the post colonialism criticism often have racism, slavery, and the mass extinction of people"

Oppression is unfair treatment or control
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