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W Hotel Paris

No description

Lea Levy-Lambert

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of W Hotel Paris

W Hotel Paris
Gaspard Jaboulay-Clémentine Tonapan-
Léa Levy-Lambert-Jean Leydier-Céline René
SWOT- analysis
W Hotel
could venture even further into this direction
The Challenges
of Opening a Hotel
in Paris
The Answer:
a Clear & Coherent
Our targets:
C-A-P-T-U-R-E the Audience

A New Parisian Luxury Hotel Market
Starwood & W
W Hotel Paris
W locations
The W Hotel chain is part of the Starwood Hotels&Resorts Group.

The Starwood group includes 1.162 hotels (9/10/2013) in over 100 countries.

“Design, fashion, and music”
for your attention
"When the energy of New York meets Paris, the city of lights."
e-wow suite
W New York
43 locations, 24 planned openings!
The first and iconic W Hotel opened in 1998 in NYC
Guilded youth
Loyal Businessman
Loyal Family
Emerging psychographic types
Loyal customers
The Young & trendy

Comfortable but inspiring furniture and design
Restaurant/bar/lounge open to public

A necessary flagship hotel for the W chain:
Be as good as any other W
Guests won’t come for the city of lights but for a place to enjoy artistic activities, shopping and nightlife

In one sentence :
a lifestyle hotel for young and trendies seeking for an exciting stay in Paris.
dream home, unconventional staff, party lifestyle, new destination, digital hotel, concept store
A powerful Exchange Rate

Entering the Market:
The Right Time: “Time to market”

W Hotel’s assets:
Marketing and budget force of Starwood and W Hotel group
Expertise and reputation
Loyalty program
The strengths of a group and a unique experience
Location constraints
Very little number of rooms
Size of the rooms & meeting rooms
Lack of 5 star hotel service listed in the new 2010 ranking system

Lack of expertise in Europe and France

A Changing
Transform current W store into a more open one, with latest designer goods
Use the relatively small amount of rooms as an advantage (scarcity)
Reinforce Social media presence
Emerge in the French market
Create differentiation by going further into the 'boutique hotel' or 'lifestyle hotel' concept: create a Wworld
Available iPads with Hotel-app: recommendations on what to do in Paris/ events at the Hotel
Promote the W Hotel to loyal customers who are not part of the typical target
W Paris Opéra

Today in the city

Entering the Parisian market:
great opportunities
At the Right Place:
Major Luxury Hotel Market
Ranking first and still growing
The Threats of Competition and maturity:
A Major Challenge

Economic crisis

Threat of new entrants:
An attractive market
With main barriers to enter : the cost

Threat of substitutes:
Major Competition
A lack of recognition
High Threat

Bargaining power of suppliers
Part of W Hotels
Low Threat

Bargaining power of customers:
Customers are Kings
But want the best
Medium-low Threat

The Hardship of being in Paris...

A unique experience:
Architecture and style
Discover innovation and new senses
Events and Experiences
A trendy location

Lifestyle/Boutique Hotel:

The W Paris Opéra has great assets (ie. special market segment), which are mostly inherent to the W Hotel chain

Lifestyle/Boutique aspect of the Hotel should be pushed forward

Major challenges:
settling in the French market
keep the 5* status
making Paris trendy

5 Star Hotels in Paris
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