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Land girls By Zelan & Carla.

No description


on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Land girls By Zelan & Carla.

The basics

The Basics
What did land girls used to eat?
Land girls By Zelan & Carla.
What jobs did women have to do most during world war II?
Before the Second world war, Women
were expected to do jobs like farming,
being housewives, nursing & plumbing
while the men were at war.
how did the women get jobs even
though they were not aloud to work in ww2?
Women were required by the government to work ,because it was necessary to keep industries and produce food . At first only single women aged 20-30 were called up to work by the government. Almost 90% of single women and 80% of married women were working in factories on the land or armed forces.
Land girls used to eat allot of eggs. Since they were farmers they ate tons of vegetables!
They ate vegetables such as, Carrots,Garden peas,leeks & parsnips!
Land girls Clothing.
Vegetables in ww2!
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