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Aim: How did Buddhism spread throughout Asia?

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Cody Starling

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Aim: How did Buddhism spread throughout Asia?

Aim: How did Buddhism spread throughout Asia?
Do Now:
Why do some religions spread widely and “catch on” more than others? What characteristics do you think help a religion spread?

Where did Buddhism spread?
As you watch the video, write down areas of the world you see Buddhism spreading

Answer: East into Asia – China, Japan, Korea, etc.
Answer: East into Asia – China, Japan, Korea, etc.
Spread Through Politics/War
State religion used by governments to unify regions
Less common, but Chinese dynastic leaders and Japanese feudal lords sometimes used forcibly converted conquered regions

Spread Through Trade
The Silk Road connected Eurasia economically
Buddhist merchants informally spread religion
Travelers built temples along the trade routes
Buddhism had wide appeal

“Universal” Religions
Written texts and missionaries help spread the religion
Adaptable to different places and times
Teachings considered valid for all people
Often develop symbiotic relationships with government

Why do you think Hinduism is not considered a universal religion?

Spread Through Missionaries
Buddhist monks directed to wander and teach
Travelers from East Asia came to India to learn more and brought back knowledge and translated texts

How did Buddhism change as it spread?
Process of cultural diffusion and syncretism: movement of cultural traits and ideas while adapting to and incorporating local culture
Mahayana Buddhism developed in East Asia vs. Theravada in South Asia
Theravada considered stricter form vs. Mahayana more publicly accessible

How did Buddhism change as it spread?
Which Buddha is from which branch of Buddhism?

Why did Buddhism decline in India?
Competition with other religions (Islam)
Theravada Buddhism too strict for general public; mostly monks and nuns
Hinduism remained dominant
“Popular” Hinduism movement emerged; more devotion-based and less reliant on Brahmin rituals
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