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Thorn Breaker

No description

Keara Ryan

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Thorn Breaker

By : Keara Ryan Thorn Breaker Thorn Breaker Have ever seen the beautiful flowers in Spring. Full of bright and beautiful colors. Well you probably never seen a plant eat a spider. You must think that's crazy. There is one kind it's called the Thorn Breaker. They are all different colors some are pink, yellow, blue. Some have spots or stripes. You can only find Thorn Breakers in tropical rainforests of the world. In the rest of my presentation you learn about. The Thorn Breakers ecosystem, variation, life cycle, and so much more. I hope you enjoy the rest of my presentation! Prey Thorn breakers come in many different variations. Pink Thorn Breakers give off the strongest aroma. The purple Thorn Breaker has bright red spots. To show that it's poison. The Camo Thorn Breaker is all green.Also the Camo Thorn Breaker is the shortest it can grow to be 4 feet tall. The yellow Thorn Breaker can grow to be 6 feet tall. The yellow Thorn Breaker has a green in side. Predators The Thorn Breaker just drops its seeds on the ground. Then the wind picks them up and blows them a few yards away. The seeds are very lite. It takes one week for the Thorn Breakers to sprout. It takes another month for the Thorn Breaker to grow one foot. That is when the buds start to bloom. It will take two months for the bud to bloom fully. Then it will take one year for the Thorn Breaker to to grow the rest of the way. Life Cycle Adaptations The Camo Thorn Breaker is all green to blend to look like other plants so it dose not get eaten. Thorn Breakers give off a very aroma to attract spiders. Pink Thorn Breakers give off the strongest aroma. the Camo Thorn Breaker can only grow 4 feet tall so it blends in better. The yellow Thorn Breakers can grow up to 6 feet tall. Thorn Breakers are perennials because there is no winter that is why they live where they live. Ecosystem The Thorn Beaker lives in tropical rainforests around the world. The climate there on average is 18 degrees Celsius during the day. The rainforests each month receives about 4 inches of rain. There is not that much sunlight. The sunlight can't get though tree branches where Thorn Breakers are located in the rainforests. So they only receives 3% of the sunlight. The rainforests have high humidity year around. The soil is very thin and low in nutrients. Because there are no winter months so hardly any plants or insects die. So there is hardly any nutrients in the soil. Variation Tropical spider a kind that Thorn Beakers eat. A tropical spider a kind that Thorn Breakers eat. Predators of Thorn Breakers Where Thorn Breakers Live Key: You can find Thorn Breakers in the light green parts. Thorn Breakers eats spiders. They give of an aroma that attracts spiders. The Thorn Breaker waits for its prey. When the prey gets on the Thorn Breaker it closes that part of the flower up. Which crushes the prey. It takes 4 hours to kill its prey. That part of the flower will stay closed for two to three days. After it open up again it will not give off the aroma for about two weeks sometimes longer. The Thorn Breaker only gives off the aroma at night. The hotter it is the stronger the aroma is. If it gets less than 17 degrees Celsius it will not give off the aroma at all. A Tropical Rainforest Gorillas Monkeys and Chimps Toucans and other tropical birds People Thorn Breakers have a few predators. Like humans, tropical birds, monkeys and, gorillas. The Camo Thorn Breaker is green to blend in. People are mistaking the Camo Thorn Breaker for other plants. And putting them in salads. The tropical birds eat mostly the pink, white, and yellow Thorn Breakers. The bird will never eat purple Thorn Breakers because they are poison. Gorillas and monkeys don't care they like them all. The poison dose not afect gorillas and monkeys. This is what purple Thorn Breakers look like. How long the Thorn Breakers roots are. what a Camo Thorn Breaker looks like. This is what a pink Thorn Breaker looks like. I hoped you learned a whole lot. Thorn Breaker seedling.
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