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Oil Spills in Australia

No description

Gene Monahan

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Oil Spills in Australia

Time to Learn About Oil Spills in Australia, Here We Go!

Harmful Effects on Marine and Sea Life
oil spills effect sea birds and other marine life by smothering them and contaminates them with the toxic, chemicals
Effects on the Ecosystem and Plant Life
oil spills effect marine habitats and the coral reefs
once oil reaches beaches; overtime the beach turns black and slimy
plants absorb the oil and sucks in the toxic instead of the water
Second Solution to Improve Sea
sailors clean their ships while in the ocean and sometimes can release oils into the water
instead , you can clean your ship on land so oil doesn't leak

I think this is a great solution because in Australia people sail and clean their ships in water and let out oil
Harmful Effects on Humans
If humans inhale the gases and toxic from the oil spill, it can cause great illnesses. Like, if you inhale the dangerous fumes from the oil it can suffocate and mess up your lungs.
fishing in polluted waters can harm humans and marine life by, humans can get severe diseases from the oil
when you are fishing and you catch a fish, it can be filled with gunk, which can harm you!
boats can let out oil spills and kill marine life, fish, and plants
One Solution on Cleaning Oil Spills
Third Solution to prevent Oil Spills
don't dump in the sewers because sometimes people can drop waste into the sewer which releases oils and travels to the ocean
This is also a good solution because in restaurants waste can be disposed into the sewer which releases oils into the ocean. So this can prevent dumping into the sewers which lead to oil coming out of it.
marine animals get oil stuck on them and stops their body warmth, so they freeze to death and die
you can use mushrooms and hair to clean up oil spills
When mushrooms and hair are combined they can soak up the oil spills from the ocean.
Also this is a green way to clean oil spills in Australia. I think this is a good solution on cleaning oil spills.
:DThank You:D
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