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No description

John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Comonation

Journey to Cosmonaut Hill,Iconios
My name ıs Cosmo Hıll and ıt was the year 7002 and there ıs a war between corrupted and powerful people and the prıze ıs each others land.I live in middle of it and I have to get out.
The only route the that could get me even remotely close to Cosmonaut Hill or at least the underground country it is in,is the east tube.Then,the east-south,east-north,and the west-north tubes to reach Iconios but to get to Cosmonaut Hill I had to take express shute.
I went to a place that would shelter me.The only place that I would not die of the beam or other hostile forces.Only one place can be that secure:Cosmonaut Hill.Do you know why Cosmonaut Hill is that secure?Because it is underground and password protected.
In Cosmonaut Hill I had a hard time coping to the conditions.There wasn't much room and not a lot of space.
When I got to Cosmonaut Hill the first thing I did was hide out in a plexi-glass bunker.The reason I stayed there was because plexi-glass is the only thing the beam can't penetrate.
After i arrived things changed
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