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Holidays around the world

No description

Cullen Osen

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Holidays around the world

October Holidays
March Holidays
Mardi Gras: New Orleans
Ash Wednesday: Christian
International Womens Day: UN
Ides of March: Roman
Purim: Jewish
International Earthday:UN
St. Patrick's Day: Ireland
May Holidays
World Red Cross Day: International
Cinco De Mayo: Mexican
International Tuba Day: International
World No Tobacco Day: WHO
Kataklysmos: Cyprus
Waisak Day: Indonesia

Reoccurring Holidays
Independence Day
Revolution Day
Martyrs Day
Armed Forces Day
National Day
Constitution Day
August Holidays
Arequipa Week: Peru
Battle of Boyaca: Colombia
Palio Siena: Italy
Jashn: Afghanistan
Istvan: Hungary
Chung Yuan Festival: Taiwan
St. Rose of Lima Day: Peru
Pashtunistan Day: Afghanistan
November Holidays
All Saints Day: Christianity
Guy Fawkes Day: Britain
Veterans Day: U.S.A.
Halloween: Western Christianity
Oktober Fest: Germany
Al-Hijram (Islamic New Year): Muslims
Simchat Torah: Jewish
Colombus Day: North America
December Holidays
Fiesta of our Lady of Guadalupe: Mexico
Soyaluna: Hopi Indians
DongZhi: Chinese
Christmas: Christian
Chanukah: Jewish
Kwanzaa: African American
Omnisoka: Japanese
April Holidays
April Fools Day
World Penguin Day
Thingyan: Buddhism
Queen's Birthday: United Kingdoms
St. George's Day: England
Tiradentes: Brazil
Vappu Day: Finland
Earth Day: World
Easter: Christianity
September Holidays
9/11 Remembrance: U.S.A.
Labor Day: U.S.A.
Saint Matinus' Day: San Marino
Bonaire Day: Bonaire
Ganesh Chaturthi: Mauritania
Victory in Uprona: Burundi
Mid-Autumn Day: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao
Holidays around the world
January Holidays
New Years: World
Martin Luther King Jr. Day: U.S.A.
Coming Of Age Day: Japan
February Holidays
Groundhog Day
San Blas: Paraguay
Tet: Vietnam
St. Valentine's Day:
Presidents Day: U.S.A.
Chinese Spring Festival: Mauritius
Shaheed Day: Bangladesh
People Power Day: Philipinnes
Leap Day
June Holidays
Flag Day: U.S.A.
Madaraka Day: Kenya
Khal Phansa: Thailand
St. Peter/Paul Day: Christian Denominations
July Holidays
Canada Day
Communist Party Foundation: China
Independence day:U.S.A.
Palio Siena: Italy
Serbian Day: Yugoslavia*
Orangeman's Day: Ireland
Bastille Day: France
Day of the Sea: Japan
Guanacaste Day: Costa Rica
Presented By: Cullen Osen and Ben Nelson
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