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Fairy Tail-Lucy Heartfilia

No description

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Fairy Tail-Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy is a high spirited young Celestial wizard. She is confident in herself and her looks.She is kind, sweet and loving. although she is nothing but a celestial wizard she is very powerful.
Jude Heartfilia
Jude was a nice guy before he became rich. Once rich Jude became such a working man, that it came before everything. He clams its was for the best for his family but everyone knew it was just for power and money. Jude was the
Permissive Neglectful Parent
letting Lucy do what ever she wanted till it interfered with what he wanted. This shows when he sends for Lucy a year after she runs away. He wanted her to marry the someone for his families money.
Layla Heartfilia
Layla was a loving wife and mother. No matter how much Jude neglected her and Lucy she still loved him. Layla died when Lucy was 10. Layla was more the
Authoritative Parent

loving and caring for Lucy like a parent should.
Lucy was

to her mother. Even though her mother is gone you call tell how she feels and how she was with her mother. she writes a letter every night she can to her mother, telling her how her jobs went and whatnot.
Psychological Stage
Although Lucy is only 17 I personally believe that she is in the
Young adulthood stage of intimacy vs. isolation
. In the show Lucy has a very close relationship with Natsu, Gray, Erza, Happy, Wendy, Charla and all of her celestial spirts.
Moral Stage
Lucy is in the
Post conventional stage
. To Lucy it doesn't matter if what she does is against the law or breaking rule, if she believes its right it will be done.
Identity Status
Lucy's identity status is
Identity Achievement
. Lucy knows who she is, whats she wants to do with her life, who her true friends are.
Lucy Heartfilia is the child of Layla and Jude Heartfilia. The Heartfilia family is one of wealthiest families in Fiore. Lucy felt neglected and unloved by her dad and after 16 years of it she runs away and joins a wizard guild called Fairy Tail where she meets people that actually love her and treat her like family.
Lucy is in the
Formal Operational Stage
. Lucy likes to think things out before doing anything but with her team she always end up going in blindsighted.
Cognitive Stage
Lucy was
securely attached
to her father but then things changed for the worst and she became

to Jude. It really shows on Lucy's 6th birthday when she made him a rice ball and took it to him but he slapped it off the table and told her to get out. That's really when she felt like a burden to him.
Makarov Dreyar
Master Makarov is
Authoritative Parent
like Lucy's mom. Makarov isn't the parent of any of the guild members but he takes there place loving them and teaching them just like his own
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