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Street Art for Yr 9

The Big Question - 'Street Art - Art or Vandalism?' PBL module for Year 9. Will evolve as unit develops.

Penny Prileszky

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Street Art for Yr 9

Fame on the Streets

Street Art
Art or Vandalism?
Street Art
It's NOT just about scrawling your 'tag' onto the alleyway wall! It's not all about Banksy either, although, admittedly, he has done a huge amount to publicise the genre, and change public opinion. He has also paved the way for many street artists to exhibit their work in galleries, legitimising the artform.
History of Graffiti
What do you already know / think / understand about the genre of STREET ART?
Legal Implications
Current developments
This module will challenge your ideas and preconceptions about Street Art, and teach you that there are lots of different ways of making Art.
History of Graffiti
Legal Implications
Current developments

Fame on the Streets
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