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Hybrid Car

No description

Lily Wheaton

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Hybrid Car

Opinions from the Owners How Does it Work? Fun Facts What is it? A hybrid car is an
eco-friendly car
that runs on both
battery power and
gasoline. All in all, the hybrid car is an amazing product that performs " just as advertized, and better." A few things that may not be so great about it is:
#1. It cost a lot to replace the battery
#2. It cost a lot just to buy one!!!
Other than that, it is a great choice fore a car. "If you are considering a family car with outstanding mileage look no further."
- Owner from Northern Illinois via the Consumer Report The "Green" Car Who Created it? Not only is there a hybrid car, there is also a hybrid motorcycle By: Lily Wheaton Hybrid car Vocabulary an engine that generates Conclusion The Toyota company was the first car company to produce an eco friendly car. They made it so their costumers could buy a money saving and environment saving vehicle. The hybrid cars work from a battery, a power split device, an electric motor, an internal combustion engine, and a generator. The hybrid car gets energy from the wheels that helps the motor to turn, and it also helps covert the energy so it does not waste. Internal Combustion Engine- motive power by the burning of gasoline, oil, or
other fuel combined with air inside the engine. The hot gases produced drive a piston as they expand. Generator- a device that creates electricity by the movement of a magnet by a coil wire. Eco-Friendly- Earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. Convert- to change from one form to another. In 1839, Robert Anderson of Aberdeen,
Scotland built the first electric vehicle The speed of a hybrid car is as fast as any conventional car. "Great car. Great experience"
- Owner from Chicago, Illinois via Consumer Report "This car performs just as advertised and better"
- User from Long Beach, New York via Consumer Report
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