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Copy of Child Labor

No description

Hassaan Asad

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Child Labor

By, Hassaan Asad
Points Discussed
Whats child labor ?

1.What is Child Labor
2.Reasons and problems
3. Interview with Gul Khan
4. Solutions may be ....

Child labor .....why so ? just to feed the family cause your the only child.Sending children to factories in Pakitan means that to make them work like a key toy,which is dependent to the keys movement similar that they are OPERATED by obese factory owners or managers .Latest news for child labor is that the FIFA world cup 14(Brazil).The Brazuca balls were "hand stitched " by little children and women in the Sialkot Factories!!
Why child labor ?
The Resons for child labor
Feeding the family
Corruption........Government schools are opened but Students accompany there OWN self.
Death of an adult makes the MALE child responsible for the family.
This presentation was NOT just to LISTEN
I hope we IMPLEMENT it too

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
Solutions ? At the moment we cant rely on our government BUT we can climb steps at our own.Yes we cant open our own schools but we can give FREE home tuition to them.We can talk to their families to give them an employment.
starting NGO's and unions may help in DESTROYING child labor.
Child labor is when little children aged 4-17 are forced and kick out of the house to work and feed the family not allowing them to educate them self.
Child labor causes many problems like the country may not have a secure future.
No education for the little children may result in having them caught while destroying the law and order of the city.
Leaving the country at stake child labor will also cause deaths of many children due to poisonous gasses in factories and because of starvation
Together we Can fight ... Child labor

Biggest NGO fighting aganst labor is
Interviewing GUL KHAN
Gul khan is a pathan from Kabul,Afganistan.He has a small tandoor from where he sells Roti to all.He is the only male child of his family of 8.He is dependent to live in Karachi,Pakistan because of his Rozegaar(job) over here in which he only makes 10 to 12,000 per month.
Working with him was pleasure, Making nan with was Special...........
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