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Ask! Share! Learn!

No description

Deborah Miller

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Ask! Share! Learn!

A Lion's Perspective
Keeping Your Members Satisfied and Engaged
Have You Invited Any New Members?
We have heard from our fellow Lions about what has been successful in recruiting new members, starting new clubs and keeping members satisfied; it is now up to you to take the information that was shared today to your clubs to use.

These successes and best practices can prove useful; but only if the information is shared.
Invite, Satisfy, Expand
How many new members have you sponsored?

How did you recruit the new member?
Have you had a member leave your club?

Going forward, what will you do to keep your members engaged and satisfied?
Monday, July 7, 2014
Vol MMXIV, No. 97
Lions Learn "Best Practices" From Other Lions
Seminar Overview
Sponsoring New Clubs
An opportunity for Lions to learn best practices from other Lion’s for:

Inviting new members
Satisfying existing members
Expanding through chartering new clubs

We have only 60 minutes to cover these topics.

Your participation is crucial
to the success of this seminar.

Has your club ever sponsored a new club?

Does your community have more than one Lions club?

Membership & New Club "How To's"
Ask, Share, Learn:
For More Information:
Visit the Extension and Membership Booth in the Exhibit Hall


Contact the Extension & Membership Division: extension@lionsclubs.org

The easy-to-use Membership Satisfaction guide provides tools to help ensure your members feel:



Involved in Service

Use this step-by-step guide to help you organize new Lions clubs in your community!
Invite new members!

Use our Just Ask! guide to learn about recruitment and club growth.
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