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LEAD & SW Advantage

No description

Jennifer Wang

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of LEAD & SW Advantage

Extensive Training
Go to Bookman/Bookgirl Page
The mission of our program is to be the best organization in the world at helping people develop skills and character they need to achieve their goals in life
Rick Perry, Governor of Texas
Bruce Henderson
Founder, Boston Consulting Group
Kenneth Star
Baylor University President
The Challenges
1. The Schedule
2. The Rejection
3. Out of your comfort zone
The Schedule
Whole Summer
6 days a week
Long Days

Working this much is not for everyone
The Rejection
Hearing "No" can be frustrating
Out of Your Comfort Zone
Being away from home and doing something new can be uncomfortable
The Advantages
1. The Growth
2. The Impact
3. The Skills
4. The People
Homework Help

Help parents to help their kids
The Growth
The difficulty, the rejections, and the hard work
The goal setting, the success principles, and overcoming adversities
Learning your strengths and weaknesses
The Impact
Make a difference in the community
Helping families and students
Skills Gained
Become skilled in the art of communication
The science of working with people

Resume Building & Money Made (Average FY students ~$5000)
Week long training in Nashville, TN
Network, train, and compete with
students from other universities.
Training in the spring
1:1 and seminars
Shadowing and 1:1 coaching
We are looking for...
Summer free and open to travel
Willingness to:
- Work Hard
- Study Hard
- Be coachable
Vision for future goals
Desire to help others
What is your

Making a Difference
Summer Program
is devoted to helping families bridge the gap between what is being taught in school and what is going on at home
Share the Advantage
As you continue in the program...
Develop yourself
The People
The Friends you make
The mentors and the leaders you have
For more notable alumni
Enhance your skills
Become a LEAD coach
Change the world one at the time
Develop leadership skills
Sizzler Incentive Trip
All expenses paid for
Networking opportunity
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