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Amaia History of the Piano

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on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Amaia History of the Piano

History of the Piano
by: Amaia
4th grade
Miss Voss
Harpsichord 1521
Pianoforte 1655-1732
Pedals 1770-1827
Piano are created in factories 1800
Piano Players 1900's
Electronic Keyboards 2000
The first piano that was ever
invented was called the
Harpsichord. The harpsichord is a
early piano that was invented in 1521
with only 4 octaves, it did not weigh
a lot either. The problem with the
harpsichord is that it is hard to play
and there are very few keys and very
sound. When people started using
harpsichords they had to sit crisscross
apple sauce and put the harpsichords on
their lap. Harpsichords were an important
invention in the history of pianos.

In 1655 the harpsichord was changed to the pianoforte. People changed the harpsichord because of the look and practical use. The
Pianoforte was a wooden frame harpsichord That changed into a mechanic keyboard. Now
the pianoforte looks good and people use it more. The pianoforte is a very good change in
the piano timeline.
A new change the piano is pedals. The bad thing about the
pianoforte is that you could not make loud and soft sounds on it. A pedal is a part of a piano on the bottom that you can press with your foot to make different sounds. Because of pedals now you can create loud and soft sounds on the piano. Pedals exist today on pianos thanks to the wonderful invention.
Another change in history of the piano
is that they were now made by factories.
They are made by factories to show a
different quality of a piano. Factories made
them because they could make lot of pianos
at the same time.Pianos are now made with
a good and different quality to last long. This
change improves pianos a lot.
After pianos were created in factories a
person invented piano players. Without
piano players you could only play it and
not sing along. Piano players are pianos
that play songs on there own requiring
solo pump of pedals. People could now
sing along the tune of the piano. Piano
players are an excellent change in history.
A Electronic Keyboard is the last change
in the history of a piano. In piano players you could not decide the volume nor the sound. That's why the electronic keyboard was invented. The electronic keyboard is a piano that could be done by electricity. Electronic keyboards are easy to make and have different sounds on the piano and you can press a button and lower or make it higher. Pianos are a great part of history and are
still used today.
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